Tabex offers on demand services to help your organization fully integrate Tabex API and benefit from process automation and other data mining solutions. This means that, we can help you to automate the process of classifying the document before extraction, e.g. invoices or receipts, income statements or balance sheets. It also means, classifying documents of different kind within a specific category e.g. Different types of subject enrollment, or different types of paystubs. Once the document is classified it can automatically be associated to a specific template and Tabex API can automatically extract data to .XLS, .CSV or .XLM from thousands of documents without the need of the list human intervention. Tabex API in conjunction with powerful proprietary data mining algorithms can fuel your business productivity today.


Tabex can become a powerful data mining solution. Tabex offers on demand services to help your fully automate your document processing and data mining. These services, not only include the classification of the document in appropriate sub categories, but also the ability to convert or extract data and ingest them in a fully automated process. Examples include the opportunity to, for example, detect fraudulent information or intent into company financials. They also include the opportunity to detect discrepancies between scanned documents such as receipts and invoices and the corresponding bank transactions. The process can be fully automated and be very granular, that is the identification of the specific transaction for which a discrepancy has been mined without the need for human intervention. Tabex can indeed become an highly advanced data mining solution for document intense processes.



Tabex in collaboration with its strategic partners offers the ability to utilize two automated analytics technologies and one state of the art real time data processing infrastructure. The automated analytics solutions consist of software for advanced text mining in multi format document sources as well as software for the mining and knowledge discovery in sophisticated documents composed of numerical, textual and articulated format frames. The real time processing technology, is a proprietary technology based on graphics processing units (GPU). It works in conjunction with the text mining asset and can extract, classify and further analyze millions of documents per hour. It returns effective decisions at times unattainable from other competitors. Interested parties can learn more from relevant publications.