Most pdf to excel converters offer only the ability to convert a given document from pdf to excel. Tabex  not only helps you and your organization to convert pdf to excel but also offers an integrated tool that allows you to create customized spreadsheets templates.

In Tabex  spreadsheet templates are created simply by overlaying an excel grid on top of the document you are trying to convert. The process is partially automated, Tabex first recognizes all tabular structures in the document, e.g. income statement, loan form or another form. If you are happy with the excel interpretation Tabex has provided you, you will need just a click on to “save as template” to create excel spreadsheet templates. Otherwise you can use the interactive pdf to excel and to xml editor in Tabex desktop to alter the excel spreadsheet template to your likes.

The following sequence shows how simple the excel spreadsheet templates tool works:


The same cash flow statement from APPL can be saved as a template in one single click :


The advantage to create a spreadsheet template is the increased productivity and the decreased in execution time when the conversion of a similar pdf document. In fact, once a template is defined you can reapply it to thousands of document utilizing the excel spreadsheet templates tool in Tabex.

An additional advantage of Tabex excel spreadsheet templates tool is that it allows to select only portion of a tabular document. This function allow you to recreate a specific customized table with only the numerical and textual elements you ultimately want to use to convert pdf to excel. By using this function you will be able to export data from virtually thousands of document in one single spreadsheet. This is particularly useful in cases in which you are trying to analyze time series and consistency in the appearance of certain fields across documents.

Tabex excel spreadsheet templates tool is also advantageous when utilized in synch with tabex screen scraping tool . The screen scraping tool can convert a website or data scraped on the screen into  pdf output.   The pdf derived from this process can also be utilized as input in the Tabex excel spreadsheet templates tool.