Tabex offers a variety of solutions from export PDF to Excel, csv and xml to screen scraping and template batch processing.


Tabex Desktop

tabex desktop edition-basicTabex desktop is a powerful interactive pdf to excel converter. It enables the user to see and modify the excel spreadsheet in real time, merge, split cells on the pdf file with just few clicks. It also allows the user to optimize the export pdf to excel by enabling the automated interpretation of syntax such as “.”, “,” “;” and “$”  onto the excel sheet.

Tabex Cloud

tabex-logoTabex Cloud is a fully browser integrated pdf to excel converter with several utility functions in built. It is fully integrated with Dropbox and Gdrive.

It allows the user to upload and download documents into these cloud storage. Importantly, it comes with a browser plug in that allows to capture pdf files without copy and pasting the URL into the box.

The plug in sends the to the cloud pdf to excel converter without the need for the user to disrupt the browsing experience.

Screen Scraper

Scraping technology allows for the rapid capture of data from web and document and the seamless transfer to your spreadsheet or xml database.

Tabex desktop solution is equipped with a screen scraper tool that allows you to select a portion of a document you are reading on the internet and convert it directly to .xls and to .xlm.  This a companion for your export pdf to excel  especially when dealing with financial modeling.

This following video provides a visual illustartion on how you can combine screen scraping with pdf to excel or pdf to xml conversion.

The screen scraping tool can be utilized into two modes of operation: Web scraping, that is selecting a portion of a website containing tabular data. The second mode is data scraping. That is selecting a portion of your screen to extract data or export pdf to excel right away. In web scraping the analyst can for example find an interesting article e.g. an article on seeking alpha or similar blogs and start to capture the data that other analysts have already processed and inserted in tabular form. The scraping can be selective as the scraping tool selects just the area in the web page that you want to convert into an excel spreadsheet. The screen scraping tool is very useful when the analyst is dealing with a database screen that does not allow to convert to excel. It can also be the case if the conversion to excel or .csv is lengthy an time consuming. In these cases the data scraping and screen scraping tool allows the user to rapidly capture any tabular data from the screen. As a result the user has the opportunity to select areas of the screen shown data and export those ones only. Learn more. 


Spreadsheet Templates

Traditional pdf to excel converters allow you to export pdf to excel once only. However, when you deal with specific documents repeatedly over time it is more convenient to define once for ever the type of  output format you desire when input a document into the pdf to excel convert and export pdf to excel.

Both Tabex Cloud and Tabex desktop allow the user to pre-define a set of template, store them and apply them to the same class of documents in batch. Learn more about the spreadsheet templates tool.


OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a set of math algorithm that allows to identify characters from an image and transform them into a pdf or other formats.

Both tabex desktop and tabex cloud utilize one of the most performing ocr before they export pdf to excel. Tabex ocr allows for batch processing as well as for precise character identification. This include characters like “;” or “,” or “$” and many others.

As a result the input file in Tabex is optimized for best in class pdf to excel, pdf to xml and export pdf to excel processes.