Tabex is extremely useful for Financial research and the inherent financial modeling. it is a tool designed for excel financial modeling and to assist other software for financial modeling. Tabex is equipped with a screen scraping tool and web scraping functions that help researchers to capture data from screens and documents such as earnings, financial statements, market research reports and export them to spreadsheets for financial modeling. Examples include the financial modeling of actual earnings trends in a private company or the survey of suppliers input costs. By using Tabex pdf to excel and web scraping technology original documents not easily available can be feed directly into excel or xml spreadsheets and used for excel financial modeling. Winning product features in this industry are:

  1. Flexibility of the user interface to copy pdf to excel and export pdf to excel interactively.
  2. Ability to create spreadsheet templates and automated routines that can copy PDF files to excel for each time the same document category is published. This affords an unparalleled degree of automation in financial modeling.
  3. Capture screenshots , such as tables, summaries, financials and other data typically available in financial databases such as Bloomberg and the like.   Screen scraping tool export pdf to excel ready for financial modeling.

Tabex not only helps the financial analyst to convert pdf to excel, but also is a powerful suite for excel financial modeling.