Bank professionals need to evaluate business financial statements as well as personal financial statements to decide on loans and mortgages contracts. If the application for any type of financial loan is inputted manually through a form , the banker is in need of a solution to save time in transferring data  in his excel spreadsheets. For example if he is analyzing the financial statements of company provided to him in PDF format, he will need to convert pdf to excel and than export editable excel data into his excel spreadsheet. Here is one such example:


Thanks to its ability to uniquely recognize structured and unstructured tables within  PDF documents and web scraped tables, Tabex effectively helps banking  professionals to copy PDF to excel  ( or CSV, XML) financial statements and other financial relevant documents such as interest rates and others.  Here is how Tabex recognizes the financial statements presented previously:

tabex-financial statements extraction


Once this template is created Tabex easily export pdf to excel and here is the .xls file for the financial statements we have been discussed in this example:


The resulting excel sheet is fully editable and can be used in conjunction with lookup functions in excel for additional analysis. Another case that arises in banking is the processing of some kind of loan form, in this case Tabex can create excel spreadsheet templates that can be reapplied to documents of the same category. In this was exporting pdf to excel or converting a form to excel becomes an highly efficient process.

Tabex is extremely useful for financial statement analysis and the inherent financial modeling. It is a tool designed for creating excel spreadsheet templates from financial statements and loan forms. Tabex is equipped with a screen scraping tool and web scraping functions that help bankers to capture data from financial statements or financial contracts such as loan agreements, mortgage forms and other private contracts. By using Tabex pdf to excel and web scraping technology original documents or data published in financial databases or web financial sources can be feed directly into excel or xml spreadsheets and used for excel financial modeling. Winning product features in this industry are:

  1. Flexibility of the user interface to copy pdf to excel and export pdf to excel interactively.
  2. Ability to create spreadsheet templates and automated routines that can copy PDF files to excel for each time the same document category is published. This affords an unparalleled degree of automation in financial modeling.
  3. Capture screenshots , such as tables, summaries, financials and other data typically available in financial databases such as Bloomberg and the like.   Screen scraping tool export pdf to excel ready for financial modeling.
  4. Batch processing of pdf files and scanned financial statements to convert pdf to excel or xml in batches.

Tabex not only helps bankers to convert pdf to excel, but also provides a powerful suite for excel financial modeling and excel data storage. Tabex simplifies the work for bankers interested to extract data to excel from financial statements, loans forms and other. Tabex API allows for batch processing of financial documents and forms and batch pdf conversion to excel or xml.