Why You Missed Apple Revenue ?

Apple Revenue

Apple Revenue


If you are a financial analyst at any equity research firm or simply are interested in financial news, you may have heard of the stunning results of Apple Inc.

Revenue increase, costs down, profit up. Well, you may have missed to forecast that Apple financials would turn so good. Perhaps it could have helped you to dig more in what folks at other equity research firms were saying, or perhaps it would have been enough to look into the various reports from seeking alpha.

For those like me, who love to keep abreast with the latest financial forecasts you may often wonder if that particular financial model you saw makes sense? why is it different than yours? What if it is true? What are the consequences of that financial forecast?

If only you could take the data and see if they make sense in your spread datasheet….Well what often hampers me to look into more details, is the fact I cannot nor I want copy and paste each data from the pdf reports into my own excel sheet with my financial models.

This video explains how Tabex can help you resolve this problem:

Unlikely other pdf to excel converters, Tabex affords precision, versatility and offers an interactive experience. Not only you can convert a Pdf financial report into excel but also you can selectively capture financial tables into your competitor’s reports. You can also capture data from online data aggregates such as seeking alpha and the likes.


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