The Rise of Linkedin Job Market

In the last few years the amount of professionals joining LinkedIn has kept growing to levels quite not too far from those of the other bay area social giants.

With this impressive growth, we have witnessed for the first time in history the rise of a “quasi free” directory of professional information about companies and individuals. Not only, in fact, LinkedIn provides the professional history of a person but it also delivers tons of related info about the companies they work for. For example the relationships the companies have with other companies, what companies they like to hire from as well as what schools they prefer when selecting a candidate for a position.


No wonder an army of professional recruiters and HR specialists have turned to LinkedIn as their source of info to both target candidates and to understand the hiring trends and likes of their prospective customers. Even more, global and local stuffing firms use LinkedIn to accurately target key influencers within the organizations they want to serve.

Nevertheless the variety of data indirectly available on LinkedIn remains today widely unexploited. This is primarily due to the luck of tools that help stuffing professionals to both extract valuable knowledge from the multiple levels of linked in information and to archive it seamlessly while surfing the next candidate’s profile.

Tabex quablo helps to fill in this gap, by allowing the user to directly capture the linked in profile and convert it into an excel spreadsheet. The excel sheets can be used in conjunction with partners’s data mining software, to build your own firm data repository and targeting rules. Improve your efficiency and explore Tabex now.

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