The raise of the interest rates!

You maybe thinking that with the raise of the US GDP it is likely that we will see a federal reserve increase in interest rates, any time soon!.

Well, while that macro economic trend may turn to be true, here we are more concerned with helping you stay updated with interest rates and manipulate them in your own financial forecasts.

Cover on Interest rates

Cover on Interest rates

In your calculations you may want to extract these interest rates data and tables from the articles in which they are published into editable excel or other spread sheets. Here is a video of how Tabex can help you on that :

Tabex allows for automated pdf table recognition and conversion to excel. The video shows how you can dissect a publication in interest rates , extract and convert all the pdf tables in to excel.

Even more, if you are surfing through websites and publications into your central bank repository or in any other interest rates pdf article, you simply send the table or data cluster to Tabex while remaining on the page. All it takes is to use Tabex capture tool and send the data directly into Tabex proprietary table to excel converter. Unlikely other pdf converters Tabex allows you an unparalleled degree of flexibility and precision.

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