The PDF to Excel Converter for financial Markets

Financial analysts and other financial professional deal with excel models and excel spreadsheets more than any other professional in most industries. It is inherent to Finance and financial markets the need to both analyze numbers and reports on securities and other derivatives.

Not always the data available to financial professionals come in the form of excel or csv, actually some of the document, s the financial analysts have to extract data from, maybe documents they have received in print. These documents may also be other documents analysts have received from third parties in PDF format or scanned PDF format.    

The need to convert pdf to excel is particularly remarkable when the time to research new data and insert them in existing or new excel sheet is particularly short.  This is often the case in financial markets where one analyst is often concerned with gathering ever changing information and update the excel sheet financial models rapidly.

PDF to Excel

One approach to drastically reducing the time to ingest the newly discovered data, is converting pdf to excel. In fact, being able to capture data from PDF or scanned files and export to excel saves the painful process to copy and paste individual records into excel.

Not only, Tabex can automate the process of identifying numerical data but also it converts tabular portions of PDF into excel. Converting PDF to excel the way Tabex does, it allows the financial analyst to leverage certain functions of excel such as:

Vlookup, SUMproduct, SUMIF. The combination of the excel functions with Tabex table detection and character recognition ability allows analysts to automatically update their reports even when they need to utilize printed, PDF file or data from HTML sources into their models.

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