Tabex and the Mortgage Origination Process


The real estate market amounts a large chunk of the global GDP, it is actual in the order of 10 Trillion USD world wide.

No doubts than every year financial institutions deal with financial transactions associated to this market. These transactions go from Mortgage origination, refinancing, issuing loans for  remodeling to more sophisticated transactions such as issuing mortgage backed securities, provide financing for major real estate investment transactions and so on. 

In this crowded forest of transactions; several documents are processed by financial lenders and analysts world wide. An extract of these documents includes:

1) Mortgage application form in PDF or Scanned format

2) Financial statements of Real estate investment companies in PDF or scanned format

3) A variety of data concerning interest rates, mortgage rates and other trends published on the internet and financial data bases.

Tabex can simplify the operation to extract data form all these sources and nicely convert these data in editable format with a spreadsheet. This video provides some insights :

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