Spare Yourself a Dentist Session!

It has long been said that most Americans would prefer a dentist visit rather than dealing with IRS. While the statement may be true, a dentist session is something most of us would happily live without! After a long wait you enjoy 30 to 60 minutes of a retractor stuffed into your mouth and your tympanum is cheered by the lovely drill sound all time along. An amazing moment! The one thing you definitively look forward to in your day!


Leila, is a young, ambitious and smart Asian American Dentist and has an office in Santa Clara, California. Leila understands people does not want to see the dentist often and wanted to reduce the amount of visits per year a patient should show up to her office. She thought that if she could assure her patients that with less visits per year they would be as in a good standing as with more sessions, she would be able to lure their trust and word of mouth would do the marketing for her. Her customer base would expand.

Her plan was simple, she wanted to take all the data from her company printed formularies and divide her patients into categories. For each category she wanted to analyze how many follow up visits on average are necessary and start to schedule follow up visits on a 2 years cycle rather than on a 6 months cycle. But, there was a little problem standing between Leila and her bright plans. She has over 2000 patients and for each of them data included over than 10 pages of tables and formularies. That meant over 100 000 records to copy and paste manually from the formularies into a spreadsheet for analysis. What to do? Leila was puzzled and was looking for some help. She made a few calls to her friends working in the nearby silicon valley and they suggested one solution.


The solution for Leila 100 000 records copy&paste, unexpectedly, comes from Italy and it is called Tabex-Quablo. This is the best program of the type, recognized for his precision and versatility. Its core algorithm was developed by mad scientists in a University, however, it works and is simple to use for everyone.

Tabex-Quablo is able to load large quantities of PDF or scanned tabular files, such as the 20000 formularies Leila needed to analyze, all together and extract specific data from each of these files into one single summary data sheet. Just what Leila needs!

Tabex-Quablo sees a table where others do not see it, it recognizes tables not easy to spot, very irregular Tables (such as a complicated medical records), allowing the user to make quick adjustments to the output excel file. It is an ideal solution to convert or copy PDF into excel and analyze the excel data right away. Here is what the analysis Leila could do:


Thereby, Leila reached the conclusions she intended. Leila did her research just in a few clicks and spared herself the costs to hire personnel to analyze, segment and target her patients’ base for least follow up visit impact. She can now focus to grow her client base and has a very appealing marketing positions “Visit me once and I fix your teeth for the long run! “.

Tabex-Quablo, is available for sale in two different versions, the most advanced version is equipped with an integrated OCR module and convert scanned PDF to excel. It sells at a very affordable price. Tabex will be also available in a full cloud version in 2015.

Tabex-Quablo is useful in many cases including:

a) A financial analyst trying to export massive earnings statements in to excel for modeling.
b) An accountant trying to reconcile the overall bank transactions with the actual receipts.
c) A small business trying to reconcile all the invoices received with their actual bank transactions.
d) An architectural company trying to archive all the info of their blueprints into specific spreadsheets for report and data analysis.
e) A government that has received documents from an applicant and needs to compile a summary of numerical data from various portions of the several documents received.
f) A legal research firm trying to compile data from various documents and various sources into one single report to bring as evidence to trial.

And a variety of industries and functions described elsewhere.

Thus, don’t miss a chance to refer Tabex-Quablo to your dentist, you’ll spare a few sessions down the line!

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