Preserving Workers’ Rights in one Click

After years of hard work and study, William, a nice and kind Midwest young lawyer, has made his way in a prestigious law firm out west. Getting there was not an easy play. It took William years of hardship, studying, working and meeting all requirements to earn a scholarship each and every single year. He came from a labor family living in a small Midwest industrial town. Finally he had made it into the middle class and had in front of him a bright carrier. His life was hectic, he went from a licensing agreement to the next venture capital deal drafting each and every day of his life.


As any person who has earned his position through dedication and sacrifice, William had preserved his understanding and respect for the challenges that workers, back in his home town, had to face to make a living. His Mum, had recently told him that a friend of hers worked in a company were the minimum salary per hour was not guaranteed. Over 1000 workers worked in the factory and they had at times noted some discrepancies between the expected salaries and what was actually reported on their pay-stubs.

Hilary, William’s mum longtime friend, mentioned that rumors had been spreading among workers but, nobody knew what to do and how to act. William had not much time to devote on this but, took the matter to the hart. He felt deeply obligated to help his mum’s friend and all the workers in this company.

William asked Hilary to collect all the paystubs of each worker for the previous 36 months. He knew that if he could demonstrate that the average hourly salary was below the minimum, he would than easily take the company to court and get his home town workers, a compensation for their employer misbehavior.


However 36000 pay-stubs to analyze was an insurmountable challenge for a pro-bono activity and William was on the look for some kind of help.

The solution for this intricate law research task, unexpectedly, comes from Italy and it is called Tabex-Quablo. This is the best program of the type, recognized for his precision and versatility. Its core algorithm was developed by mad scientists in a University, however, believe us, it works and is simple to use.

Tabex-Quablo is able to load large quantities of PDF or scanned tabular files, such as the 36000 pay-stubs William needed to analyze, all together and extract specific data from each of these files into one single summary data sheet. Just what William needs!

Tabex-Quablo sees a table where others do not see it, it recognizes tables not easy to spot, very irregular Tables (such as a pay-stub), allowing the user to make quick adjustments to the output excel file. It is an ideal solution to convert or copy PDF into excel and analyze the excel data right away. Here is what William found:


Thereby, William could now prove in a court that the company had continued paying its own workers below State minimum wage requirements. He knew he had now enough evidences to win the case. William did his research just in a few clicks and spared himself the costs to hire personnel as well complains from his supervisor about the time spent on pro-bono cases.

Tabex-Quablo, is available for sale in two different versions, the most advanced version is equipped with an integrated OCR module and convert scanned PDF to excel. It sells at a very affordable price. Tabex will be also available in a full cloud version in 2015.

Tabex-Quablo is useful in many cases including:

  1. a) A financial analyst trying to export massive earnings statements in to excel for modeling.
  2. b) An accountant trying to reconcile the overall bank transactions with the actual receipts.
  3. c) A small business trying to reconcile all the invoices received with their actual bank transactions.
  4. d) An architectural company trying to archive all the info of their blueprints into specific spreadsheets for report and data analysis.
  5. e) A government that has received documents from an applicant and needs to compile a summary of numerical data from various portions of the several documents received.
  6. f) A legal research firm trying to compile data from various documents and various sources into one single report to bring as evidence to trial.

And a variety of industries and functions described elsewhere.

Thus, don’t miss a chance to refer Tabex-Quablo to your lawyers, you’ll save them some time and give them a tool for improving their productivity!


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