More Time For Coffee Break: No longer Copy&Paste

Nicole works in a small business. She is in charge to check that employee’s paystubs report the right payment amount. Each month, the payroll sends her the pay stubs for her colleagues in PDF format. These stubs, are always the same documents, Nicole extracts always the same data and compile them into an Excel file for report and analysis. Copy and paste. Copy and paste. Control C. Control V.


However, there is no more frustrating activity than repetitive data entry. The tasks requiring a minimum effort and repetitive actions for a long time are the most prone to mistakes: unless we can disconnect our brain, it is almost impossible not to make a mistake. Clearly, the human nature rejects repetitive actions; we anxiously take a look at the watch thinking: how much time is still left before the break? and we get it wrong…! If only we could have an instrument to compile all data available directly from the PDF documents into one single Excel Spreadsheet…….!!.

The solution for this thankless work, unexpectedly, comes from Italy and it is called Tabex-Quablo. This is the best program of the type, recognized for his precision and versatility. Its core algorithm was developed by mad scientist in a University, however, believe us, it works and is simple to use.

Tabex-Quablo is on pair with the industry leader in most areas, however it beats competition when it comes to the ability to extract specific data from many files and compile them into one single excel sheet. It had also been recognized for its efficiency by Ocr solutions providers such as Finereader of Abbyy.



Tabex-Quablo sees a table where others do not see it, it recognizes tables not easy to spot, very irregular Tables (such as a balance sheet in a earning statement) , allowing the user to make quick adjustments to the output excel file.

Thereby, Nicole will have more time to take care of her company’s more critical tasks, commit fewer errors, her supervisor will no longer complain about mistakes and….most importantly… she would have more time for a coffee break!

Tabex-Quablo, is available for sale in two different versions, the most advanced version is equipped with an integrated OCR module, and sell at a very affordable price. Tabex will be also available in a full cloud version in 2015.

Tabex-Quablo is useful in many cases including:

a) A financial analyst trying to export massive earnings statements in to excel for modeling.

b) An accountant trying to reconcile the overall bank transactions with the actual receipts.

c) A small business trying to reconcile all the invoices received with their actual bank transactions.

d) An architectural company trying to archive all the info of their blueprints into specific spreadsheets for report and data analysis.

e) A government that has received documents from an applicant and needs to compile a summary of numerical data from various portions of the several documents received.

f) A legal research firm trying to compile data from various documents and various sources into one single report to bring as evidence to trial.

Thus, don’t miss a chance to refer it to your supervisor or colleague, they will save time, and be nicer to you!

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