Accurate tabular PDF Extraction

In addition to the traditional “convert pdf to excel”, you can identify forms and structures within the PDF accurately. Tabex is the pdf to excel software of choice to extract numerical data from PDF and the best pdf to excel converter. A proprietary mathematical algorithm identifies tabular structures within the PDF even when they are not apparent or trivial. Further before convert pdf to excel you can fine tune the tabular structure adding lines, cells or merging cells. This versatility is ideal when combining with excel functions such as vlookup and pivot table excel

Screen Scraping and Preview

Tabex is the only pdf to excel converter equipped with a screen scraping tool. The scraping tool allows rapid financial modeling from web pages and financial databease. Unlikely standard pdf to excel converters you can preview  the conversion from pdf to excel real-time . This allows you to make changes on the fly before accepting the document and convert pdf to excel. This is useful to save time when dealing with complex documents with articulated tabular structure in finance, legal, and other industries.

Template and Personalization

If you want to convert pdf to excel,  choosing which data should stay in a spreadsheet cell or another is not always trivial. This depends on the actual use and purpose of the spreadsheet. Unlikely current PDF to excel software. Tabex allows to personalize size and content of cells, merge and split them to optimize the use of the excel sheet in conjunction with excel and functions such as vlookup and excel pivot tables.  In addition, Tabex allows you to create templates. Once the template is defined, you can apply it with great accuracy to an unlimited number of documents and export pdf to excel in batches.

Batch Conversion

Unlikely other pdf to excel solutions, Tabex  offers various ways to convert pdf to excel in batches. If you are conducting a complex legal discovery, a complex financial analysis  and need the output of your conversion into one single excel or xml sheet, Tabex is the solution of choice. You can decide which fields and data to extract from one PDF document and apply the logic to hundreds of converted documents. With the result to achieve one single spreadsheet ready to feed your financial models.


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